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Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Shanté had always found inspiration.


During Shanté’s upbringing, she was highly influenced by her Mother’s ability to make hair wigs with such innovative style. Shanté was also intrigued by her older brother’s love for film and television when it came to his acting career. As she got older, she knew more and more that she wanted to shed light on other creatives and people within her community. 

Naturally, being exposed to Film and Photography earlier as a child, Shanté soon fell in love with the beauty side of Fashion and Entertainment. 


It became more prominent when she decided to attend Paul Mitchell, the school of Cosmetology, in Chicago to further her education. There, she learned more than just cosmetology, it is actually where she fell in love with the art of Makeup and High Fashion. During those early years, outside of school, Shanté would spend most of her time gaining experience by shooting independent projects with friends and local models to being the MUA and hairstylist on film sets her brother booked. 

Starting from a part-time job working at a high end salon to have now learned and worked (Print, Runway, Editorial, TV/ Film, etc.) She knew it was imperative to find the beauty within every work space. Although it can be extremely difficult to require those different skill sets, Shanté knows it is imperative in order to succeed in this business.

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